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Heartfelt Creations - Burst of Spring I Want It All - (IWIA-1107)

Celebrate the highly anticipated arrival of the upcoming spring season with the new Burst of Spring Collection from Heartfelt Creations! A favorite among flower enthusiasts, the delicate pansy flower is often one of the first florets to be added to the freshly worked soil as the glorious garden season arrives. The soft, velvety petals of these cheerful blossoms always invite a quick caress while being transplanted near the front of the garden bed, where they are sure to be admired by all!

Burst of Spring Collection includes:

  • Cheery Pansy Die
  • Burst of Spring Die
  • Delicate Pansy Spray Die
  • Petite Pansy Frame Die
  • Burst of Spring Paper Collection
  • Cheery Pansy Cling Stamp Set
  • Burst of Spring Cling Stamp Set
  • Delicate Pansy Spray Cling Stamp Set
  • Petite Pansy Frame Cling Stamp Set
  • 3D Pansy Shaping Mold


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