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Heartfelt Creations - Wild Aster I Want It All - IWIA-1114

Do you love everything in the collection like we do? We’ve bundled it all together to give you a better value when you purchase the entire collection at once.

Warm summer breezes have begun to cool, and daylight hours have started to shorten…tall grasses rustle in the wind preparing to make their way to seed, and leaves slowly begin their tumble to the ground to insulate the earth for the cooler upcoming season. As summer begins to fade, and the bright hues of heat loving florals dim, it is then that the graceful aster takes the limelight and becomes the crowning glory of the autumn season, lending it one last burst of color with their blends of pretty purples, pleasing pinks, and blazing blues!

Wild Aster Collection includes:

  • Wild Aster Die
  • Wild Aster Spray Die
  • Wild Aster Scroll & Cluster Die
  • Wild Aster Paper Collection
  • Wild Aster Cling Stamp Set
  • Wild Aster Spray Cling Stamp Set
  • Wild Aster Scroll & Cluster Cling Stamp Set


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