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Cosmic Shimmer Opal Blaze - Touch Tip - 8ml - Full Set of 7

The perfect addition to the Opal Blaze range, the Touch Tip has a fluid consistency and is designed to highlight small areas with ease.  It also comes in a brand new packaging format with a handy incorporated applicator.

The range includes 7 stunning colours, which contain a base colour with the addition of up to 5 shimmering mica colours. These create a beautiful colour shift effects, great for adding the WOW factor to projects. When used on dark card the mica colour dominates to give a completely different look.

Water-based and fast drying.

Bundle contains colours:

  • Golden Blackberry
  • Gilded Avocado
  • Pink Blueberry
  • Teal Raspberry
  • Sapphire Grape
  • Sunset Orange
  • Turquoise Peach


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