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Cosmic Shimmer - Pearl Tints - 20ml - Set Of 12

Cosmic Shimmer Pearl Tints are a water-based, semiopaque lacquer, with a high density of mica creating amazing shimmering effects on acetate, card and other porous and non-porous substrates. It has a fine precision nozzle for easy application.

  • Available in 12 shimmering colours
  • 20ml bottle
  • Use on card, acetate or any porous or non-porous
  • surface
  • Colours can be mixed to create new, unique colours

Bundle includes the following colours:

  • White Whisper
  • Canary Song
  • Everything's Peachy
  • Heavenly Pink
  • Chateaux Rose
  • Burnt Caramel
  • Blue Diamond
  • Glacial Green
  • Racing Green
  • Majestic Teal
  • Fragrant Lilac
  • Reigning Purple


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