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Crafters Companion Spectrum Aqua Pens 12pk - Floral

  • Spectrum Aqua is the water-based artist's markers
  • Each Spectrum Aqua Marker is dual tipped
  • These pens are acid free, and give a stable and long lasting colour
  • Odour free Pens

Spectrum Aqua Pens 12pk - Floral

Spectrum Aqua is the water-based artist’s marker that goes wherever your creativity takes you.  From sketching and illustration… to layout and design… to Manga and comic art... and paper-crafts too.

Whatever your style, Spectrum Aqua combines the performance of water-based colour medium with the easy to use convenience of a marker – to give you outstanding colour results. There are 48 colours available, split into four  colour-themed packs of twelve.

Each Spectrum Aqua Marker is dual-tipped, there's a soft brush nib for flexible line control and a more natural art surface feel and at the other a precise fine tip for definition and accurate line work. Spectrum Aqua is a great addition to conventional water-based paints and other colour media. Its high quality dyes give flawless, even coverage with all the definition and vibrancy you need. Then using water you can diffuse and seamlessly blend colour to create the lifelike tones and subtle touches that will bring added depth and realism to your work.
Features and benefits:

    Twin-tipped - versatile, convenient
    Flexible, hard-wearing brush - natural feel, controlled line weight, durable
    Fine point - for detailing and defining
    Ergonomic barrel - comfortable, precise
    Dye based - rich colours, smooth laydown, good for rubber-stamp colouring
    Water-soluble - tonal range, easy to blend and diffuse, potential mixed media
    Set colour groups - easy to co-ordinate and blend colours
    Acid-free - stable, long lasting colour
    Odour free - pleasant to use
    Non-toxic - safe to use, good for the environment
    Low price / high performance - outstanding value, the smart choice

Spectrum Aqua is great for layout and design work, making it handy tool for students. Enhance your portfolio with hand drawn renders, working alongside paints, pencils and other design media or if your colouring just for fun, Spectrum Aqua's clean colours and easy handling are ideally suited to Manga and comic artwork - from big, bold heroes to more refined, subtle characters. You can use Spectrum Aqua on crafting projects too - for stamped designs with an alternative, more delicate water-coloured look or for producing beautiful washes and background effects.

Age 14+


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