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Pink Ink Layered Stencils - Seahorse - PINKST001

Pink Ink Designs, bring you our beautiful, hand drawn, Seahorse stencil. The design consists of 2 separate A5 stencils, designed to layer, one on top of the other, and work in unison together. Use your stencils on multi surfaces, we use fabric paints, blending clouds, pastes, spray pigments and paints through the stencils depending on the surface we are using. We apply colour with brushes, pallet knives, sponges and sprays, and we recommend building up the colour slowly and gently. All our stencils are easy clean and they are clear so it is easy to see the first layer, but we also duplicate shapes for easy registration. The stencils can also be used in a reverse format, so the image can face left or right, which is perfect for creating tessellated designs.

Designed and made in the UK.


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