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Sara Signature Collection - Frosty and Bright - Iridescent Sequins

The Sara Signature Frosty and Bright Collection has everything you need to craft a contemporary Christmas filled with shimmering cards, gift bags and decorations! 

  • Fake snow to create realistic powdery snow 
  • 50g pack 
  • Perfect for adding texture, dimension to winter card and crafts 

Step out into a crisp and clear Winter’s morning, brush past trees frosted with powder soft snow and watch as spun-sugar snowflakes begin to fall. With the Frosty and Bright Sara Signature Collection every card and craft creation will sparkle with the magic of Christmas! 

Shimmering paper pad patterns, exclusive inkpads and intricate snowflake dies combine with faux snow, iridescent ribbon, gilding flakes and a candy ice palette to create cool and contemporary Christmas cards, gifts and decorations. 

Make your own white Christmas with this Fake Snow set! Made from finely shredded non-toxic plastic, it’s the perfect way to give your craft creations a dusting of real looking snow! 

Use it to add instant dimension, texture and seasonal atmosphere to your Frosty and Bright cards, decorations and decor. 

This versatile product can be applied in a number of ways, mix with a small amount of wet glue and spread evenly over a small area, or apply adhesive to your project and sprinkle the Fake Snow over it. Or why not use it to fill shaker cards for a winter wonderland look?


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