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Sara Signature Collection - Vintage Diary - Wooden Frame and Corner

  • Pack contains 8 pieces
  • Wooden Frame and Corner
  • 3" x 3" (7.6cm x 7.6cm)
Drift back in time to a slower and more gentle world where messages are hand-inked on notepaper, time is measured by the soft tick of a pocket watch and secrets are carefully kept in a worn leather journal. The Sara Signature Vintage Diary Collection brings back the essence of a time gone by with designs infused with timeless elegance and charm.

Everything in the collection is perfectly matching with a beautiful sepia-toned palette and intricate detailing, making it the ideal range for creating vintage-inspired cards, gifts, journals and much more.

The Wooden Frame and Corner set contains a selection of  frames and corner elements, die-cut from wood and in an ornate, swirling style. These wooden shapes can transform your projects into multi-media masterpieces and add incredible dimension. They can be painted, sprayed, glued glitter and so much more - so you can make them completely unique to your creation!


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