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Spellbinders - Jane Davenport - Artomology - Squid Ink - Gold

Squid Ink Gold Bullion is a metallic hybrid multi-surface ink pad which is waterproof, alcohol marker friendly, and can be heat set on many surfaces. This all-purpose craft ink is ready for stamping in all your card making and mixed media projects!

This special ink formulation requires the ink to be added to the provided ink pad. Follow the simple steps: remove ink pad and inker bottle; vigorously shake bottle for proper ink flow; apply small amount of ink onto ink pad; and rub in a circular motion into pad (cover the pad surface). Storage suggestions are: store pad upside down; store inked pad in a sealable plastic bag and re-ink as needed.

Squid Inks by Jane Davenport come in her ten signature colors plus two metallics. They are housed in a unique mermaid scale shape case with a raised ink pad that is beautiful in shape but also ergonomic in your hand.

Approximate size:
Ink Pad: 3.94 x 3.25 in. 10.00 x 8.26 cm
Inker Bottle: 0.50 oz.


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