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Tonic Studios - Peridot Gift Box Die Set - 2604e

Introducing the Florero Gift box die range. Go big, go small, go elegant, go cute! The choice is all yours. A set of beautiful vases which allow you to create something truly special. From our grand Venetian Amphora Die Set which allows you to make the most luxurious looking gift box to our amazingly versatile Peridot Gift Box Die Sets which enable you to send your loved ones the most stunning gifts and greetings in a range of sizes. Boasting a huge set of verso panels, this one of a kind range will not disappoint.

Understatement can sometimes say the most. Don't be fooled by the unassuming Peridot Gift Box die set, as with most things in life there's more than meets the eye. Designed to be incredibly versatile, this gift box can be configured to have either four, six or eight sides! So whether you want to send a little something, or go all out you know you can with the Peridot Gift Box. packed with beautiful verso panels and two sentiments, you will be able to create something original, personal and of course stunning.


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